Friday, August 9, 2013

Saving Important Bird Areas Iniatiative

Through the process of scientifically identifying Important Bird Areas, we understand that all of these sites have conservation value. Across the country, a variety of activities are underway, and attention is being directed towards the conservation of many of these sites, through initiatives and projects encompassed in Audubon's Strategic Plan.

However, other activities and projects are underway at Important Bird Areas which are in need of increased attention, support and national level resources to further advance the efforts to protect crucial birds and habitats. Recently, we kicked off the Saving Important Bird Areas Initiative to help identify and support these projects.

Following a nomination and review process, 23 projects across six countries and 18 states were identified as target projects, encompassing 81 Important Bird Areas. Sites are significant for 42 globally threatened bird species and cover more than 23 million acres. See map below.

National Important Bird Areas staff have been working in coordination with state and local chapters, providing support to these projects in recent months by performing spatial analysis, mapping, compilation of data, as well as coordinated planning. In the coming months, more support efforts are planned, additional tools will be developed, and more content will be compiled and shared online.

Keep an eye on the saving ibas label for updates from this network of important sites.

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